Modern menswear manufacturer

We are a renowned Polish menswear manufacturer founded in 1986 which specializes in sewing men's apparel based on patterns provided by our clients. We manufacture menswear that has won the acclaim of both clients and fashion industry experts.

We specialise in sewing jackets, trousers, suits and waistcoats. Our monthly production capacity is over 4,000 suits.


For the sake of our common safety, we have launched mass production of masks. We sew reusable cotton masks that we offer in both retail and wholesale. Product personalization possible.

See our retail offer and contact us regarding the wholesale offer.

Why are we the sewing contractor of choice?

Fashion has been a passion of ours for as long as we remember and is what we are truly committed to and enthusiastic about. The art of sewing elegant menswear by our company is the effect of many hours of work of our talented and experienced patternmakers, technologists and our manufacturing staff. We use innovative technological solutions at every stage of production. What makes us exceptional?

  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Timeliness
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Accuracy and precision of craftsmanship

What is more, our state-of-the-art technological line with a suspended Eton system enables us to identify the stage of production of a given item of clothing for the individual client. Owing to this we can deliver exceptional effectiveness and control every step of the manufacturing process.

Our range of services:

  1. Assistance of our patternmakers in designing the cut.
  2. Pattern drafting based on your vision together with our designers.
  3. Involvement of technologists in the course of preparing the manufacturing process of your patterns.
  4. Precise fabric cutting with the use of state-of-the-art machinery.
  5. Reliable finishing services i.e. quality control, cleaning and pressing products.
  6. Marking products as per the client's requirements (labelling, tagging, embroidery, prints).
  7. Packing methods agreed with the client. Optional packing of hanging products into cardboard boxes (safety of pressed products).
  8. Personal pick-up of products, dispatch by courier service or via a dedicated shipment of hanging products as per prior arrangements with the client.

Are you interested in placing an order for sewing your apparel at our company?

We have developed a special offer of manufacturing elegant apparel addressed to brands, individual designers and businesses from the men’s fashion industry in Poland and abroad. We are flexible and willing to cater to our clients’ needs.

Place an order with us

Send us your pattern/garment construction files in the dxf. or rull. format, along with sample fabric, lining, thread and buttons and the following information:

  • Range of the sizes to be manufactured
  • Expected quantity of garments per order
  • Turnaround time.


Take advantage of our expertise and let us design your collection

Visit us and choose one of our cuts and patterns. Choose one of the fabrics available or bring a piece of your own fabric with you. You can also choose supplies from our catalogues of thread and accessories. Please provide the following information:

  • Range of the sizes to be manufactured
  • Expected quantity of garments per order
  • Turnaround time.

We will be happy to present a manufacturing offer tailor-made to your needs and sew a sample as per your specifications.

Please get in touch with us at:

Anna Andryszczyk
Sales and Business Client Support Specialist
phone_iphone +48 666 090 436

Choose a polish menswear manufacturer with many years of market experience. The "Made in Poland" label is a guarantee of top quality.